Patient Referral

As a member of the visiting faculty for Spear Education, past faculty member at UCLA School of Dentistry in Los Angeles, and founder of Function and Aesthetics Dental Education, Los Angeles, USA., Costin is part of an international network of specialists and researchers. We are happy to support you in the treatment of a patient with all our resources. In your communication with our practice, please include the following information:

  • Dated radiographs, preferably in digital format (DVD, USB, or Secure online transfer via
  • Photographs
  • Diagnostic casts (if articulator-mounted, please specify the type of articulator used and the condylar path inclination)
  • Periodontal charting history
  • Any information pertinent to the patient's condition, history, and desired outcome

Upon the first consultation with the patient, we will establish a diagnosis and a treatment plan. We are looking forward to supporting both the patient and you on the journey to health and knowledge.