Individualized Health Profiling Protocol (B.A.F.C.+A.)

It consists of a sequence of three to five sessions of interdisciplinary diagnostics and treatment, over a period of six months to one year. During this time, we gather data on:

  • Oral Microbiome in relationship to the Gut Microbiome - these are powerful immune system modulators.
  • Allergic potential against dental materials - existing already in the mouth and for future treatments: MELISA (Memory Lymphocyte Immunostimulation Assay), Titanium implants intolerance
  • Assessment of functional and structural age of the stomatognathic system and its deviations from the chronological age
    • Premature damages to the teeth, periodontal support system, jaw bones, tissues, muscles...
    • Exhaustion of functional compensation mechanisms (Example: teeth mobility due to bite overload, jaw joint clicking and popping, tension headaches, etc.)
    • As the jaw joints are the most challenged joints of the body, their condition is used to assess the status of all other articulations in the body and the early detection of autoimmune conditions.
  • Pre-cancerous lesion screening and risk assessment
  • Immune system parameters: quantitative and comparative analysis of saliva and blood (Praxiom Diagnostics)
  • Nutritional assessment
  • Identification of factors which negatively influence the smile aesthetics in the context of facial aesthetic integration, character and personal preferences


At the end of the profiling period, the patient receives a detailed risk profile for the oral/systemic health, accompanied by an individualized preventive protocol. It translates into minimum amount of dental/medical treatment in a lifetime and an anti-ageing effect on the smile visible through a younger, healthy appearance.